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My sister-in-law got skinny! I've been watching to see if it was a sustainable weight loss and it really does look like she has figured this whole dieting thing out from using Weight Watchers. I finally joined up last Monday. So far, eh. I've lost 1/2 pound, but yesterday was my "use it or lose it" for my weekly bonus points, so I had a lot more sugar/fat than I have been having. I wouldn't be shocked if tomorrow the scale goes down another pound or so. I like the diet, I love that it challenges me to find healthy alternatives. I like that I don't have to log fruits and veggies. I like that I'm eating more veggies. I don't really like the website. You sign up and they offer to run you through a tutorial, which I did, and then they just kind of dump you off. There isn't a "newbie" section that I've found that gives you the basics, like ideas for foods you should have on hand, tips about tracking foods, etc. One thing that is driving me crazy is that they said "most fruits and veggies are free". ok, why not give me a list of the ones that aren't free? Cause seriously, I'm not going to write down 10 salad ingredients if I don't have to!


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