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This whole school thing is going really well. Molly is maturing right before my eyes. I set out her clothes and she gets dressed by herself, she puts her pajamas away and puts her dirty clothes in the hamper...I can't believe she is the same kid she was a month ago! She enjoys school a lot. She has at least three friends - Ben, Couger and Sarah. Ben is her most favorite person in the world right now. She begs for playdate with him. We have a thing at the school tonight so hopefully I can get his mom's phone number.

I put in a request for a referral for speech therapy. We meet with the school next Tuesday. I'm going to see if they also would suggest OT as well for fine motor skills, although I can tell that her skills have improved in just the last couple of weeks. She is now willing to use pencil grips and to use scissors, although she still gets frustrated when I show her the correct way to use them.

Brian's gout is still acting up, despite his severe vegitarian diet and the huge amount of water that he drinks. I think he is calling the doctor today. I HOPE he is calling the doctor today. It is time to put him on preventive drugs :(

Still haven't found a second car. I should just bite the bullet and just get this done. It's just that I'm so cheap. Really, really cheap.

Work is going...ok. It'll be nice when I only have one job to worry about. Currently, I'm handling all of my new job responsibilities, plus backing up my old position for 2 hours in the morning AND training my replacement. I'm stretched a little thin.
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