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School is going very well for Molly. She likes going to school and she loves her teacher, Mrs Kievit. We love her teacher too. She sends home lots of pictures and she e-mails us with updates or concerns. She is terrific with the kids!

We have started the process of getting Molly speech and OT through the school. Molly was evaluated and they said she is at the third percentile for each. Speech therapy is inevitable, in my opinion, for any child born to me. There are two major problems, a HUGE tongue and a misshapen jaw. Speech therapy and lots of dental work are in Molly's future. We're going to send her to an outside speech therapist in addition to the therapy she will have in school. I'm hoping that she won't have to have therapy for quite as long as I did (through 5th grade or so) because it took away from classroom time and it always seemed like it was scheduled during fun events.

Molly also needs help with her fine motor skills. I know why her fine motor skills aren't up to par; she doesn't practice using them. She doesn't like to color, draw or write. I can get her to color for short amounts of time if I am right there with her. Usually she'll scribble for a little bit and then run off. She also gets easily frustrated with things that she can't do, like buttoning her shirt. I'll make her try to do it and if she can't do it right away she'll REFUSE to try again. She does that with a lot of things. Like using scissors. She tried once and then I couldn't get her to try again. Now that she is in school she is more interested in coloring and using scissors because of her friends and I've already seen a huge improvement. I'm betting that Molly will only need OT for a short amount of time.

slightly sappy comment, meant to be reassuring

Date: 2011-11-07 12:53 am (UTC)
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I have another friend whose son started making huge progress as soon as he was in with all the other kids.... i think he also was in speech therapy classes, but his mom was confident that "peer pressure" plus time with the therapist would fix things pretty quick.

Of course in your case molly's got great parents, so she's already miles of 90% of the little kids i know :D
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Thank you! And yes, it is amazing how much kids learn from each other (the good and the bad)! Things are moving so fast for Molly right now, she is learning so much ALL AT ONCE! It is so funny, I used to try to teach her how to hold a pencil correctly and she would get mad at me, her teacher shows her how to do it and she listens. It's like magic. I'm glad I didn't push Molly too hard, I don't want her to resent writing or art.


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