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I think I have some sort of phobia when it comes to social networking. I have a hard time commenting to other people's posts, even when I want to. I think I'm afraid of sounding stupid or offending someone. I have a similar problem when I'm put in charge of answering customer's e-mailed in questions. It takes me FOREVER to respond to an e-mail. I have to read/re-read and edit every single e-mail. I have a hard time putting things in writing. This is especially true when it comes to something important. A friend at work recently had surgery and was posting on FB about it and her trip the the ER and being admitted to the hospital. I read everything, was deeply concerned, but didn't respond to her posts. I should have said "hope you're feeling better" or something, but that felt too...I dunno, cheap? Too canned? Almost like it didn't mean anything. She later wrote on FB about how she could tell who her real friends were based on who asked her how she was doing and who she could write off as a friend. I'm feeling really guilty and sad. I think her and I are still on good terms, but I still feel bad for not wishing her well. I need to work on putting myself out there more I guess.
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