Jan. 1st, 2012 12:19 pm
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Hello 2012, I thought you might never get here!

I don't remember setting specific resolutions last year, but in years past I have set resolutions and have done very well in keeping them. So this year I'm writing clearly defined resolutions to help ensure that this year is better than last.

Goal: 2012 will be the year I learn about nutrition. This year I will learn how to cook healthy, nutritious and quick meals for my family. Brian does a terrific job keeping us fed, but he is not the only adult in this family. I need to step up and help him out with meal preparations and be prepared to stand in as a back up when he is unable to cook for us.
How I plan to this goal: I will go to the library and check out some cookbooks and find recipes that look good to me. I will keep ingredients on hand to prepare these recipes. I will have a few prepared meals in the freezer for those times when time is limited.

Goal: Pay down our debt (which isn't too bad actually)
How I plan to achieve this goal: Half of what normally goes to savings will be applied to the credit card or to doctor bills. Bonuses and tax refunds will either go to pay down the credit card or to pay for our upcoming vacations. I'll work overtime this season to try to pay for our Disney tickets outright.

Goal: Move more. This goes hand in hand with my goal for better nutrition.
How I plan to achieve this goal: Eat better foods, feel better. Play WII dancing games, take Macy outside for more walks, ride bikes with Molly.

Goal: to use my lap band more effectively.
How I plan to achieve this goal: I'll print off the "Bandster rules", review and tape it to the refrigerator. I will begin to follow "most of the rules, most of the time". Before January is over I will get a fill. I will read the book "How to Think Like a Thin Person" and do every exercise in the book.

This year I'm not focusing on my weight which is nothing more than a number on the scales. This year I'm going to try to let go of body image. I'm not going to criticize the way I look and I'm not specifically going to concentrate on losing weight. I want to be healthier, I want to FEEL BETTER. I want Molly to have a healthy attitude towards food and a taste for healthy foods.
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