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This weekend we are celebrating both my birthday and Mother's Day. I had postponed MD since it fell on Brian's birthday and I wasn't willing to share the day!

That means that this weekend will be full of shoping spree! I'll be getting all sorts of garden things and hope that the weather is nice enough to plant all the stuff I get.

I already got my blueberries from a DYI backyard gardener. I got Elliots and Bluegolds. I'll be growing them in containers so I hope they do well. They are 3 years old so that means that I should get a few berries this year, horray! I also found a place where I can put a grape vine and my neighbor wants to give me her arch. Now I just need to find a place where I can plant some raspberries. It would be fun to replace most of the blackberries with raspberries since they are more expensive and harder to come by growing wild.
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We had a sunny day on Wednesday and made good use of the day. Brian mowed the lawn and grilled four cows and a pig (we love having bbq'd meat in the fridge for easy dinners and lunches). I finished up the front garden area and it is GORGEOUS! I planted spinach, broccoli and cauliflower. Molly was super interested in helping to plant the seeds. She's never really cared to help plant before, so that was neat. She also had fun digging up weeds. Hooray! I would really like to cultivate that interest!

I also got the pea patch ready (just need seeds) and dug out the last rose bush. This one was actually kind of hard for me to get rid of, but the bush was mostly dead. It has such georgous orange and pink flowers. Oh and I battled the blackberries. I don't know who won, we both took some pretty serious hits.
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My eating was totally out of control. I finally did what I needed to do: cut out all the carbs. I'm doing the induction phase of the Atkins diet. The first two weeks are REALLY strict, just 20 carbs a day. I'm doing this as a short term cleanse. I've made it through week one and am going strong and have lost 6 pounds so far! I'll stay on this at least another week and after that I'm going to look into "slow carbing", basically just following the glycemic index. I know I've talked about that before, but I'm SERIOUS now!

I forgot how great it feels to low carb. Oh the first couple of days are HELL as you go through carb withdraw (headaches, cravings, fatigue) but now I'm feeling so energetic and NOT HUNGRY between meals. It is good to be free of the cravings.

Today was a beautiful day. Brian mowed the lawn and I finished moving around dirt in the front garden. I planted spinach, cauliflower and broccoli. I got the container that I use for carrots all ready to go and weeded the pea patch. Now I just need seeds.

I've been thinking about putting in a grape vine on the side of the house. I was telling that to my neighbor and told her that I wanted to put in an arch to grow the grapes up and she said that if I could move her arch that I could have it. Woohoo! Now I just have to find out if I can grow red seedless grapes in this state.
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I removed my Square Foot Garden. I didn't like having it in the middle of the yard and it didn't produce as much as I would have liked so it's out of here! I laid down sod on Saturday and the yard looks pretty good. I dug out all the weeds (and strawberries) from under the trees and laid down week block and new dirt. It looks lovely! Now I need to find some shade tolerant flowers that will fill in the area nicely. I was thinking pansies or impatients but am open to suggestions. (Think I could grow pansies from seed?) I also want something trailing for in the front maybe Aubretia? It is gorgeous...I have to see if it will grow here and if I can actually get it.
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Last week Brian's dad had a routine heart test that somehow turned into a stroke. Thank goodness he is OK and is supposed to make a full recovery. Brian and Molly went up to his parents; house Wednesday and stayed until last night, but of course since today is Easter we went back up today. All three of us are homebodies and we like to be together so this was real tough on us. Of course we are happy to help out, but we are very happy to be united and back at home today!

It feels good to be back on LJ. I like it here. It is more private and I don't have to keep my posts under 3 sentences.
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I'm pretty sure I had a chemical pregnancy. I had all sorts of pregnancy symptoms but then started spotting about 2 weeks after my cycle. I went to the doctor and had a test but it was negative...but of course the first test I had when I was pregnant with Molly was negative too. Now I'm about 2 weeks late for my next cycle and I went to the doctor again and asked for a blood test and it came back negative.

That was a couple of tense days for me.
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Sometimes I track my caloric intake on Fitday, just so I can get an idea of what I'm eating and where I can improve. It drive me crazy how hard it is to find the calories in REAL food. For example, you type in "tomato" and you come up with 7 pages of results and the top results are all like "Heize tomato ketchup" "Ragu tomato sauce. I just spent 10 minutes trying to find oatmeal. Plain old oatmeal.

Speaking of oatmeal - just found another EASY change that I can make to move towards unprocessed foods. Of course, it is cheaper too AND lower in calories. 1/3 cup quick cook oatmeal (because I have to be able to make this during my break at work using just the hot water tap on our water cooler) 1 tablespoon raisin, 2 teaspoons of raw cane sugar.

Three ingredients. That's it.
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The only thing I kept from my fat days is a Comcast t-shirt. It was just about the only thing that fit me. I wore it so often it became faded and I think I had a little panic attack when it got a little hole in it.

I found it today while I was looking for a nightshirt. I put it on and had the thought that Brian and I could both fit in the shirt....and we totally do!
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taters are in the ground! Also planted kohlrabi and more beets. I thought I was getting a head start in the garden but it looks like I'm actually behind :-(
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I have a lot of stuff that I need to get rid of. I'm so torn, do I stick it all in a garage sale? The bulk of it would be clothes and toys...not really great GS stuff since I tend to buy used already. Try to sell it on CL (even though I don't seem to be able to sell clothes on CL), donate it, Freecycle it, or give it all to Nani?

Of course I would like to make some money off of all this stuff but I also have a strong desire to be rid of it.

Decisions, decisions.
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I think I've mentioned before that I'm reading a book called Beck Diet Solution: Train Your brain to Think Like a Thin Person. I am really enjoying the book. Just reading it without doing the exercises is helping me tremendously. I do intend to try the exercises, but I need to send my mom a copy of the book and we can do them together.

One thing I really like is making short term goals. She says to only concentrate on losing 5 lbs at a time. So far, I've met two of my goals. Yipee!

I'm still learning how to deal with self sabotaging thoughts. "I can eat this because I'm really hungry" or "I've been so good, just one ___ wouldn't hurt" or "I don't care". I think I need to review that section in the book. These kind of thoughts have been haunting me all week.

I'm trying to learn the difference between hunger and cravings. It isn't terribly difficult to tell the difference, but then what do you do? Cravings are hard because your mind does everything it can to convince you that you NEED something right now. Hunger isn't quite as bad as cravings because you can be distracted from hunger or you drink something sometimes it goes away.

I'm really excited to finally feel like I'm on the right road. Brian is totally on board and is cooking us extremely healthy food. Molly is not learning that over indulging is acceptable behavior and eats better than most kids out there. I love that she eats fruits and veggies. The other day she cried because we didn't have any spinach to make a salad. She eats raw cauliflower and loves frozen peas and corn. I want to make sure she has a healthy relationship with food and I think we are on the right track.
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April 9th was the 3rd year anniversary of my lap band surgery. I've learned so much since then and I've lost over 80 pounds. I've still got plenty to lose, but I'm back on track now that my band has been adjusted. 80 pounds. 80 pounds. Saying it out loud, typing it out is so unreal. How did I ever get to the point where I needed to lose over 100 pounds?

I look back and I can see where it all went to hell, but this post got away from me and it is too probably don't want to read this )
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It has been a bit of a tradition for us to go to the Lynnwood Fire Department's Easter celebration...but it doesn't look like they are having it this year. Bet they lost funding :(
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I'm going to work out today. I'm not thrilled about it, but I have a new Dr Who audio book that I'm listening to so I guess it won't be too horrible.

I just need to make myself do it.
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Haven't updated in awhile. The advertisements on LJ are really putting me off. You can make my screen go black, but NO SOUND! GRRR!

Anyway...I've got some of my garden planted...peas, spinach, lettuce, beets and chives. Parsnips and broccoli come soon. I can't think of anything else that I would need to plant this early. Suggestions?

I'm reading a book called The Beck Diet Solution: Train Your Brain to Think Like a Thin Person. This is exactly the book I have been looking for. My attitude towards food/hunger/deprivation has changed dramatically.
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Are you kidding me? I didn't write down the varieties of tomatoes I grew last year?! I thought I was more organized than that.

I guess I have to hope I get the same kind this year :(
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Spring is approaching quickly and I'm dreaming about my garden!

New to the garden this year:
Corn (it chose me...I had a volunteer stalk that did amazingly well, so why not?)
Squash (acorn)
Pumpkins (yes, I know it is a squash)

Making a return:
pole beans

Green peppers :(
bush beans

I'm sure this list isn't complete yet, but it is time to go back to work.
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Went to an Over-Eaters Anonymous meeting tonight. The heavy focus on God still puts me off a little, but I spoke with a few people who have decided their "higher power" is the group or the universe. I could live with that.

I think I'll go back next week.

I really want to try to focus on "healthy" this year. I want to exercise more...Brian has started going to the gym all the time now. It is fantastic! I'm glad to see him working out and I'm thrilled that Molly gets to go play with other kids. I'm going to see if we qualify for a discounted membership to the YMCA which is about a mile from our house...if we could work out at the Y it would be no big deal to go after work.

I would also like to look into new recipes, especially new ways of preparing veggies. I'm really starting to hate veggies less and less.

I'm also looking forward to having my lap band adjusted properly. I'm finding out that I was waay too tonight and now I'm waay too loose, both situations will cause a stall.


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