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I bought pants that fit. All of my jeans were 2-3 sizes too big and didn't look very nice. But finally I have a pair of pants that won't fall down if I put my cell phone in my pocket and they don't drag on the ground either. Woohoo! Every time I catch a reflection of myself I think "hey, I have hips!"

Yesterday I did a mile on the AMT. I'm tracking my calories and weight on My goal is to lose 20 pounds by Christmas. I have 18.5 pounds left to go.
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1 MILE on treadmill

I'm not doing anything too extreme. 3 miles per hour.
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1 mile on tread.
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Walked at a brisk pace for about an hour yesterday, broken up into chunks. That was probably at least a couple miles, right?
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There was no work out today since I went to work late and didn't get a lunch. Now I'm feeling guilty for not really working out yesterday. I just took a leisure walk on the treadmill.
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1.65 miles 213 calories
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233 calories 1.66 miles. AMT - resistance 5 and up

It was easier today...


May. 13th, 2008 08:21 am
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216 calories 1.62 miles resistance 5-7 on the AMT

It felt like torture, even with Red Dwarf to distract me.
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Me and Lazy Me reached a compromise, I walked a mile on the tread and burned about 100 miles.
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There will be no workouts this week till Friday. Our workout rooms are closed for training :(
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I didn't slack off exercising on Friday...I just slacked off posting about it.

I used the elliptical for 20 minutes...I don't remember the exact stats but I think it was something like 160 calories 1.67 miles. I'm really trying to vary my workouts now. My favorite machine is still the AMT but I'm going to rotate using the tread, elliptical and AMT. I'm going to skip the bike and the stepper because I hate them most of all. (that probably means that they are the most effective, right?)

Does anyone have any recommendations for good books about weight training?
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used the treadmill today that's why the numbers are so low:
calories 100 miles: 1.1

Some guy called in for parts today and he mentioned that he was a personal trainer and I made some comment about I need to be calling him instead of him calling me. He was SUPER nice and gave me all sorts of advice. The main 2 things that I took from the conversation are to diversify my work outs and to start lifting.

I hate weight training soooo much, but if it could help me get over this stall, I guess I have to do what I have to do. My main problem is that it takes way too long. I could probably work out for 45 minutes every day if I didn't eat during my lunch :/
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It is getting hard to remember to post my stats every day:

calories 228 Miles 1.69
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Calories ?? Miles about 1, but up a big freaking hill pushing Molly in the stroller. Plus lots of chasing Molly around the park.

Walking at a good pace is so much more effort for me than using the AMT.

Here is a picture of "my" workout room. I'm usually in there alone so it is like my own personal gym. I don't even have to get naked in front of anyone.

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234 calories 1.72 miles
resistance 8 the entire time.
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125 calories burned 1.67 miles

It felt really easy today. I didn't play with the resistance, I kept it right at 7. I'm just not sure if it is worth it really kick it up to burn an extra 25 calories.
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I'm not working out today because I'm only taking a 1/2 hour lunch. I do want to mention that I did a crap ton of exercise this weekend while building my in-law's fence. We did about 7 hours of work. It was pretty cool, I got to use a power saw and a nail gun. I likey the power tools!
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calories: 236 Miles: 1.75

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Calories burned: 226 Miles: 1.67
resistance 7

It was really hard to work out today. I stopped eating breakfast because I ran out of oatmeal and haven't replaced it yet, and I can really tell the difference. I have NO energy.
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Calories: ?? Miles??? Worked for about 3 hours on the in-law's fence. Mixing concrete is quite a work out! Moving around large piles of lumber is quite a work out! I'm sore today, but not too bad.


Deep Fried Peeps consumed: 2.5 (they were really tasty)


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