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Cukes are ready for eating! I've never much liked cucumbers, but I had one with crackers and ranch last night and well, it was edible. Carrots are mostly ready...I try to limit Molly since we don't have too many and since I want them to get bigger. No beans yet...they should show up soon, right?

My tomatoes are BEAUTIFUL! They are huge and starting to get ripe. I must take pics. I think it is about time to plant for a fall harvest. Maybe I'll do that this weekend.
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I hit my first real garden snafoo....BUGS!!!! First, there are these white moths everywhere. I'm pretty sure they laying eggs in my broccoli. Second, I was shelling peas and saw one that looked moldy on the inside. Closer inspection found a tiny worm living inside the pea. I found about 4 more worms in the batch of peas that I picked.

Ewe, ewe, ewe.
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Molly and I picked peas, a cherry tomato, raspberries and blackberries today for a snack. Yum!
I've pulled up all the mesculin mix that has gone to seed. Some of those plants were HUGE and now my garden looks empty. I didn't plant enough, apparently. I harvested my first batch of compost. Looks pretty good except for a few twigs. There are still bits of plastic, but I can live with that too, I guess. I spread some around all my tomatoes and peppers and added some in to squares that I took stuff out of, but now I'm not sure where to put the rest.

I accidentally pulled up a beet last night. It is very pretty, but what do I do with it?
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I harvested all my peas last night. I'd say I got a pound, maybe more. Molly and I have been snacking on them for weeks now, so I'm shocked we got so many. I also had to harvest broccoli - the buds were starting to open. I heard that if it went to seed it got bitter, but the flowers are actually really sweet and good. I still have a few strawberries. Molly and my neighbor's granddaughter snacked on them last night, but the real treat came when they got to pick some of the teeny tiny wild strawberries. They are sooo good!

Note to self, next year: more broccoli!

My lettuce is out of control. I can't eat it quick enough. I never got to eat my spinich, it all bolted to seed.

Next year I will plant more peas. I can put them in a lot thicker than I did.

My carrots are looking good and I have one little cayanne pepper. My green pepper plants are so little I'm not sure I will see fruit. I have lots of tomatoes and I'm thinking that in a couple weeks maybe I'll have to try friend green tomatoes. I've heard good things.

I don't hold out much hope for my onions. They don't like me much.

I'm not sure how my green bean plants are doing. I planted them from seed and they came up really fast, but now they are just kind of hanging out.

I still have a couple empty squares and will have a couple more empties after I clear out the spinich. What can I plant in July???
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Pictures coming soon!

We harvested a head of broccoli and probably a couple pounds of strawberries, plus salad greens for two and Molly and I have been munching on sugar snap peas. Yum! Brian made us broccoli soup which was FANTASTIC!

Today/tomorrow all of my really big strawberries will be ripening. Seriously, they are between ping pong/golf ball sized!
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My strawberries are beginning to ripen! 2 of them were ready yesterday and there about 10 more today or tomorrow. In about a week or so, we'll be up to our ears in berries. I'm so excited :) We are having friends and family over all weekend, and hopefully we will be serving angle food cake with strawberries and whip cream. Yum.

My peas finally have flowers. Whew. I was getting worried.

The weekend didn't quite turn out like expected, but was still fun. We didn't end up going clam digging because Jim had gout in his elbow (ouch), so we went garage sale-ing instead. Got some neat stuff including a dehydrator.

This week our landlord is having new windows installed. We've got to move everything that is in front of any of the windows. That means our GINORMOUS desks have got to be moved. That will be fun, but totally worth it.

I'm still wanting a clothes line, especially now because our dryer door keeps popping open. I just can't figure out where the heck to put one. We aren't allowed to have them any place that would be visible to the road. think, think, think.
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I manged to get some more soil mixed and I filled up lots of containers and then set them out in the rain to soak up all that free water. Now I just need to get some seeds in them, and I think we are in business! Most of my containers will have herbs since I don't really want them taking over the garden. I'm also going to grow tomatoes in containers because I do not believe they can grow in a tiny square food plot.

Most of my seeds have sprouted and my peas are going to need netting to climb up very soon!

My compost isn't done yet, but it has only been 6 weeks or so since I set it up and I've been adding new stuff to it up until about 2 weeks ago, so I guess I need to be more patient.
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My peas have really sprung up. They are about 4 inches high now. I think it is time to start another row! I saw my cat pee on them yesterday and then nearly dig up the plants. I about killed him! I think I have away to keep him away from the "pee patch" though.

Everything else is slow going. Everything else that I planted from seed has not sprouted yet. I know, I know it has only been a week. I'm impatient. Today I got rid of some old dirt in the front and spread some of my neighbors top soil (she bought three yards and is trying to get rid of it!) mixed with compost and peat moss and covered the area. I spread some seeds...lobella, columbine and larkspur. And I guess we'll wait and see if they sprout. Germination is 2 weeks at 70 degree I'll be waiting what, 6 weeks?

Anyone up for a round of Identify That Tree? )
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Apr. 20th, 2009 08:10 am
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The boxes are built and filled with dirt! Currently we have 2 broccoli, 2 cauliflower, 1 artichoke and 19 onions planted. Tonight I will be planting carrots, beets, more peas (this time the bush variety), lettuce and spinach.



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