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I went in for a fill last night. The nurse added some saline and then had me drink some water and I knew right away I had a problem. The water was not going through and it caused pain and "sliming". It took about 5 minutes to unfill my band because there were issues finding my port and then she filled me up again, but not as tight as before. Last night I was able to drink water and my protein shake for dinner without a problem. This morning I tried to have breakfast, I knew it should be something soft that would go down easily so I tried oatmeal. 2 bites in and it was stuck. More pain, more sliming. I've heard that some people have a problem eating breakfast when they have a good fill (most have yogurt or an Atkins shake or something), in fact, Brian can't eat breakfast sometimes. I'll have to see if I can actually eat tonight. If not, I'll have to have more saline taken out.
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I had a fill yesterday. It was under floro and done by The Doctor himself. He said my band has not moved and it is in a really good location and he confirmed that my port is hard to get to but did not answer me when I asked if it had flipped. He said I can skip nutrition therapy from now on (yay!) even though it is "highly recommended". I drank barium and watched it go through my pouch. The doctor said I was "wide open" and due for a really good fill. He gave me a fill and then had me drink more barium and said that it was still flowing through pretty fast and gave me more of a fill. It bugs me that he didn't have me drink more barium after that. I would have like to have seen the barium go down a little slower.

My mom is having headaches again. Really bad headaches akin to the ones she had right before they found the SOFTBALL sized tumor in her brain. She is scheduled for a CAT scan on Wednesday 5/20. To say that I'm worried is an understatement.
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Like I said yesterday, today is my "bandavesary". My weight loss has really slowed down and even though I'm exercising regularly, I'm not seeing the scales move even though everyone keeps telling me that it looks like I'm losing. I think what they are seeing is the result of a better bra and smaller clothes. I've finally gotten rid of most of my huge baggy things.

I think I need to start watching what I eat. This last year I've mostly been able to eat whatever I wanted to, just in a smaller quantity, but I don't think that is working any more.

I know Atkins works for me. I'm trying to convince myself to do it for a couple months. I think that I would be able to maintain whatever weight loss I achieve while low carbing, even after I start eating normally again. Thanks to the band, maintaining is the easy part...who woulda thunk?

My problem is that I don't want to put a lot of time and or effort into this, but I'm afraid that is exactly what it will take. I don't have the time or desire to measure my food, write down every morsel that I eat or do lots of math to figure out how many calories are in homemade chili.
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233 Calories 1.71 calories hr right around 170.

There is chocolate on the "I really shouldn't eat this" table. I'm not even tempted. I have plenty of good snacks to stave off hunger. I think I would have caved if I didn't have a pear to munch on.


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