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Brian is 10 days out now and doing OK. He is still taking pain meds at least once or twice a day and I can tell if he over does it. We've been going out almost every day to walk around. We went to Michaels today and then we were going to go to a park but Molly fell asleep. Brian's pants are already loose on him and he has been pulling shirts out from the back of the closet that he had grown out of. Today he was allowed real food food again...well blended foods anyway. He had applesauce for breakfast, a shake for lunch (for protein) and will be having blended chili with melted cheese for dinner. He says that he's not hungry and all and not having cravings.

Today marks 2 weeks before my surgery. I'm excited to have it done. I hope that I have a similar experiance to Brian's. So far everything has been smooth sailing for him. I have to start on my pre-op diet today - low fat and low carb. I had been on that diet with Brian but fell off the wagon the day he had his surgery. For a couple days there I was in "Last Supper" mode but now I'm ready to be good again. I need to make sure that my liver is in tip-top shape so that my surgery is as easy as possible.
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Atkins is going well. I've lost at least 10 pounds and one size :) It isn't too hard to stick to it this time around because I know I don't have to do it very long. I want to make sure I'm healthy enough to go through the surgery.

Brian had a sleep study last night. It looks like he does not have sleep apnia or if he has it, it is mild enough not to need a CPAP machine. Yay! Brian and I both have nutritional evaluations set up for Monday and then I have a psych eval set up for either Tuesday or Wednesday. I have to get Brian's psych eval set up and then all we have left is blood work and the final meeting with the surgeon. And then we wait for insurance approval.

I've got to go put a chicken in the oven. I wish I had something to boil since that would heat up the aparment. My fingers are freezing.
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I was going to wait until Jan 2nd to start low carbing again but the motivation bug bit a couple days ago so I went with it. Today is day 4 and so far, so good. I've had a bit of carb withdrawl but nothing I can't live with. The hardest part is drinking all my water, but I'm getting better at that.

I can't wait for Tuesday! I'm going to call the insurance company and find out what we need to do to get pre-authed for the surgery. I'm kind of torn here - should I wait for the preauth to come back (up to a month) before I start scheduling appointments, or should I book a ton of appointments assuming that it'll all go through? It'll really piss me off if we spend a ton of money having all the tests and evaluations and nutrition assesments that are needed for the surgery, but to then be turned down. The nutrition assement alone is a couple hundred dollars (times 2 since we are both doing it) and an office visit with a specialist is $25 copay, again times two and for several different doctors. On the other hand, it would be nice to start scheduling appointments now so that we can get the surgeries as soon as insurance gives the OK. What do do? What to do?


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