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We've had a very long day. We took Brian for his 1 week post op appointment. He's lost 27 pounds total! (about 10 since he had the surgery) He isn't at 100% yet, he's tired and in some pain but apparently that is normal. Just today he has started having shoulder pain which is totally common for this surgery.

After Brian's appointment we took Molly to her's. We saw a different doctor this time and I think we finally found someone who knows their stuff. I'm going to always ask for Dr Zae from now on. Anyway she says Molly has eczama. I should use hydrocortisone cream on her until her splotches clear up and I should rub her down with Crisco twice daily. I should only give her one quick lukewarm bath a week. Also, she thinks that Molly's diaper rash is a yeast infection so now we are using an antifungal cream for that. Molly has an appointment with a dermatologist on Monday.

We stopped at Costco to get gas and when I tried to start the car back up I couldn't get the key to turn. It took me a good 15 minutes of jiggling the key before it started. We had this happen once more before Brian and I finally decided that this was not a good thing and that we should take it straight to his brother's mechanic before we got stranded somewhere. We got almost all the way home before we decided to stop at Start Mart to get an estimate on a new ignition beause we really didn't want to have to go all the way to Butch's house. Plus we had taken our cars to Start Mart in the past for new alternators and we were very happy with the service and price. Anyway I told the mechanic what was wrong with the car and he came out and turned the car off. Of course we couldn't get it started again (after trying for about an hour). By that time they were closed and the mechanic went home. I tried to have AAA tow it but they said they couldn't tow it until they spoke with the Start Mart owner to verify that we didn't owe them money and that they couldn't fix it. That mechanic better not even try to say that he can fix this or I will kick him in the nuts. Thank goodness we were less than a half mile away from home but it was cold, dark and raining so it was a miserable 1/2 mile. Poor Brian had already over done it for the day and hadn't had his pain meds in a long time so the walk was torture for him.

The bitch of this story is that Ford knows that their ignitions are faulty. Hell, their mechanic admitted it to me. They aren't doing a recall on them though since it isn't a safety concern. Bastards.
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Molly still has her rash. We've cut out most dairy and soy so I don't think they are the culprits. (and boy do I wish I could feed her dairy again, making food for her is getting difficult.) I rub her down with the Euclin lotion all day long and still she itches. Poor baby. I have another appointment with her doctor for Friday but I'm thinking of canceling that appointment and taking her directly to a dermatologist.

I wonder if she is allergic to the cats. I'm allergic to them but I do ok as long as I keep them out of the bedroom. I'm actually having a pretty bad reaction to them tonight - my left eye is all swollen and tearing and I can't stop sneezing :/
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Molly has had a rash for 3 weeks that I have not been able to get rid of. I took her to the doctor yesterday and she thinks that Molly just has really sensative skin. That isn't a complete shock to me since I tend to get itchy if I use lotions with fragrance and dye, or if I shower too frequently. The doctor has suggested using Eucerene lotion on Molly and to bathe her less frequently (only about twice a week). Also, she has a bacterial diaper rash and the doctor put her on antibiotics. This is the first time she's been on antibiotics.


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