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Molly's new favorite program is Talking Hands. She's can sort of do the sign for "book" and "hat", she now does the sign for "love" and "eat". Oh and she can also say "book" and "ball"
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Molly has started spinning in circles until she falls down. It is adorable :) She can also kick her ball, sometimes while running! She is climbing more and more. She likes to climb up the recliner and then stand on the arm and "chair surf". Oh yes, she has fallen. We have piled stuff up on the chair so she can't get up on it any more. She can also climb up the love seat to get to my sewing desk which is right behind it. Several weeks ago I found her sitting on my sewing desk with my Xacto knife in her hands. Eeeek! We've removed the cushions from the loveseat and she isn't quite tall enough to hoist herself up onto my desk anymore but now I'm left with a living room with only one place to sit comfortably! Normally I would just leave everything as is and watch her closely and redirect her when she wants to go climbing, but I just don't have the energy for that right now.
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Molly is learning all sorts of new things. She can point to her head, tummy, foot, tongue and nose. New words: Pillow and poop. AAAARGGGG! She says "poop" but not "mom". AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH. When she wants you to hold her or mooch off of you she pats the chair so you'll sit down. Oh and she hasn't had a bottle in 3 or 4 days. She was only getting it at night but I've decided to put that to an end. My baby is growing up.


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