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I had my pre-op appointment today. Everything went well, all systems are a go. There isn't much to tell. I have lost a little more weight since I was in last. I'm down a total of 23 pounds from my highest (pregnant) weight.

I'm 90% done with Molly's shoes for her Wonder-Tot costume. I'm not happy with them. The leather puckered in places and they were a pain in the butt to make. They should have been so easy, they are just plain red with ties that wrap around the leg (like a ballerina) but my sewing machine is ass and it wouldn't pull the leather through smoothly. I have to put the elastic in the other shoe and sew the button on the tie and then I need to make her skirt and the belt. That *should* be easy.
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I made my first diaper today. I'm just testing patterns, so I don't know if it will actually be functional. It is a pocket diaper with recycled fleece on the inside and outside. Anyway, I'm not sure what happened, I traced a PT Fuzzi Bunz and added in 1/4 inch seam allowance but my diaper is much smaller in the rise than the FB. I think maybe I made the elastic too short. It bunches kind of weird at the casings. Oh well, I'll learn from trial and error I guess. I haven't done much work with elastic.

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