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We met Molly's kindergarten teacher on Monday. Of course, she seemed lovely. She tested Molly a bit on her letters and what sounds they make and had her draw a picture. She told us that Molly needs to work on her fine motor skills but didn't mention anything about else so I think Molly is right on track. Brian and I high fived each other when she complimented Molly on how good her manners are.

Ms Kievet says she won't be sending much homework because she would rather have parents spend time with their kids. Brian and I were happy to hear this! In the bundle of paperwork she sent home with us I read that all the kids are supposed to bring in something homemade for show and tell (which she calls "sharing time") every week. I'm excited for this. I have an excuse to make Molly do crafts with me! She doesn't normally have patience for crafts but maybe if she's showing them off to her class she'll have a little more motivation.

The classroom seems much cozier than my kindergarten classroom. The couch and reading area are especially bright and beautiful.

It's killing me that soon there will be so many outside influences on Molly. Things that I can't control! But of course, I'm super excited for her. I know she is going to have a great time.
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