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Thursday Brian and I went to the Weird Al concert at the Puyallup. Molly stayed with Butch and Heidi (and had a blast) so Brian and i were free to do whatever before the concert, so we brought a bag full of Magic Cards! (Brian's gout/sprained muscle is still bothering him so we didn't want to wonder around the fair). We built our decks draft style, I got blue, white and green cards and he got black, red and artifacts. His deck really should have won, but my deck was a strong performer and won all but one hand. Good times! I miss the long hours of playing Magic with Brian. The concert was great. Brian had a blast. He took a billion pictures :)

I took Friday off of work. Brian and I took Molly to school, played tag with the kindergartners on the play ground and then volunteered in the library for a while. Brian and I got to be heroes, a table full of Macs came crashing down while the kids were using them. Brian fixed the table and we got everything all put back together and working again with minimal disruption to the class. The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. We hit some garage sales, went to Snapdoodle toys and picked out some marbles, went grocery shopping.

Saturday I got to have early morning snuggles with Molly :) There is nothing in the world she enjoys more than laying in bed in the morning, warm and comfy under the blankies, surrounded by her parents who are giving her their utmost attention. We tickle, talk about her dreams, play games, snuggle. It is the BEST time of day.

In the afternoon we had friends come over to watch Mary Poppins with us. I bought Raspberry Ice for the occasion. It was fantastic. The kids had a blast (even if they lost interest a couple times) and it was great company.

The only downer yesterday was Brian not feeling well. His gout meds make him terribly sick. We called the doctor's office and they were like "yup, it'll do that". There is nothing they can do. He just has to ride it out for the next week :( thank goodness he can stop taking it soon and then hopefully this new medicine will keep him gout free for awhile and allow him to eat a variety of foods. Right now, he is avoiding every gout trigger that he can find, which includes all meats, and most other things, including beans, and lots of veggies even.
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