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When I had my last fill I didn't feel any more restriction. The nurse called to check up on me and when I told her I didn't feel like I had a fill, she told me to wait 2 weeks and that it might catch up with me. Ok, that makes NO sense to me at all, but whatever. Yesterday was 2 weeks exactly from when I had my fill and I KNOW I have a fill. I've "slimed" 3 times in the last 2 days. Lesson learned, no more bread for me. I'm only a little sad. When I went on Atkins and lost all that weight the first time around, I remember saying "I wish there were something to keep me from eating bread for the rest of my life because I feel so much better without it." Well, now there is and I WILL feel better without it. So, breads and biscuits I bid thee farewell.

Also, I've lost the mysterious 2 pounds that I gained last week and an additional pound as well. Even when I'm not putting a ton of effort into the band, it works. That is what I love about it. I don't have to devote my entire life to weighing my food and counting points or calories or carbs.


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