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School is going very well for Molly. She likes going to school and she loves her teacher, Mrs Kievit. We love her teacher too. She sends home lots of pictures and she e-mails us with updates or concerns. She is terrific with the kids!

We have started the process of getting Molly speech and OT through the school. Molly was evaluated and they said she is at the third percentile for each. Speech therapy is inevitable, in my opinion, for any child born to me. There are two major problems, a HUGE tongue and a misshapen jaw. Speech therapy and lots of dental work are in Molly's future. We're going to send her to an outside speech therapist in addition to the therapy she will have in school. I'm hoping that she won't have to have therapy for quite as long as I did (through 5th grade or so) because it took away from classroom time and it always seemed like it was scheduled during fun events.

Molly also needs help with her fine motor skills. I know why her fine motor skills aren't up to par; she doesn't practice using them. She doesn't like to color, draw or write. I can get her to color for short amounts of time if I am right there with her. Usually she'll scribble for a little bit and then run off. She also gets easily frustrated with things that she can't do, like buttoning her shirt. I'll make her try to do it and if she can't do it right away she'll REFUSE to try again. She does that with a lot of things. Like using scissors. She tried once and then I couldn't get her to try again. Now that she is in school she is more interested in coloring and using scissors because of her friends and I've already seen a huge improvement. I'm betting that Molly will only need OT for a short amount of time.
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Molly is doing really well at potty training. She hasn't had a single accident all day today even though she spent a good amount of time outside. It is so cute, when she is done peeing, she stands up and gestures towards the potty and says "ta da"! We went to Jim and Cheryl's yesterday and she had an accident of the solid variety. She was so upset she started crying saying that she was sorry. I'm not sure why she was so distraught, we've NEVER pushed this on her or scolded her for having an accident. I do tell her that I am so proud of her when she does go in the potty, so maybe she thought I wouldn't be proud of her for having an accident? Poor kid.
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Molly was behind the couch yesterday yelling, "Mommy! I love you!"

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When I take ahold of Molly's hand she'll stick her other hand in the air and say "daddy?".
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She is growing up too quickly! I took her to the little play area behind our apartment yesterday, she climbed up the steps to the jungle gym and slid down the slide BY HERSELF! I was right there, but not holding on to her. She thought it was a blast! Then she slid down on her tummy and thought that was pure awesome!

Today we went to Lake Forest Park pool with Karen (beautiful park BTW). It isn't Molly's first time swimming, but at first she was terrified of the water. I think it took me about a half hour to get her comfortable enough to go in and play, but then she had a blast.
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Molly's new favorite program is Talking Hands. She's can sort of do the sign for "book" and "hat", she now does the sign for "love" and "eat". Oh and she can also say "book" and "ball"
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Molly loves books. They are her favorite toys. She especially loves the touch and feel ones, but I'd say her favorite book is the one with pictures of my mom and dad (grammaohio & grampaohio) and my brothers.

It was so cute, at Value Village the other day she ran straight over to the book shelves grabbed a gigantic hardback novel, sat down and started flipping through it. Yesterday was her first trip to the library since she's learned to walk and she was like a kid in a candy store! I'm thinking that story time at the library (Thursdays at 9:30 - yes AM!) is going to be a regular activity for us.
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Molly weighs 20 lbs 4 oz and is 28 inches high. She is 5% for weight and 15% for height. She is such a little thing. Brian keeps saying she looks like the smartest 9 month old ever! She actually just grew into her 9-12 month clothing.

I'm revisting this subject because I'm still upset at the way things turned out. I should have never supplemented Molly with formula. I'm full of regrets for the way Molly's lack of weight gain was handled. She is just a little girl. Some people are supposed to be that way. Even now with her eating everything under the sun and still doing the sign for "more" she is little. If I have another baby things will be handled differently. If the baby won't gain weight I won't supplement and I won't bring the baby in for weight checks every three days. I'll gladly weigh the baby at home and call them with the numbers, but having to get a newborn around for weight checks all the time just added stress to an already stressfull situation. And there will be no formula supplementing.
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Molly has started spinning in circles until she falls down. It is adorable :) She can also kick her ball, sometimes while running! She is climbing more and more. She likes to climb up the recliner and then stand on the arm and "chair surf". Oh yes, she has fallen. We have piled stuff up on the chair so she can't get up on it any more. She can also climb up the love seat to get to my sewing desk which is right behind it. Several weeks ago I found her sitting on my sewing desk with my Xacto knife in her hands. Eeeek! We've removed the cushions from the loveseat and she isn't quite tall enough to hoist herself up onto my desk anymore but now I'm left with a living room with only one place to sit comfortably! Normally I would just leave everything as is and watch her closely and redirect her when she wants to go climbing, but I just don't have the energy for that right now.
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Molly is learning all sorts of new things. She can point to her head, tummy, foot, tongue and nose. New words: Pillow and poop. AAAARGGGG! She says "poop" but not "mom". AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH. When she wants you to hold her or mooch off of you she pats the chair so you'll sit down. Oh and she hasn't had a bottle in 3 or 4 days. She was only getting it at night but I've decided to put that to an end. My baby is growing up.
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We've had a very long day. We took Brian for his 1 week post op appointment. He's lost 27 pounds total! (about 10 since he had the surgery) He isn't at 100% yet, he's tired and in some pain but apparently that is normal. Just today he has started having shoulder pain which is totally common for this surgery.

After Brian's appointment we took Molly to her's. We saw a different doctor this time and I think we finally found someone who knows their stuff. I'm going to always ask for Dr Zae from now on. Anyway she says Molly has eczama. I should use hydrocortisone cream on her until her splotches clear up and I should rub her down with Crisco twice daily. I should only give her one quick lukewarm bath a week. Also, she thinks that Molly's diaper rash is a yeast infection so now we are using an antifungal cream for that. Molly has an appointment with a dermatologist on Monday.

We stopped at Costco to get gas and when I tried to start the car back up I couldn't get the key to turn. It took me a good 15 minutes of jiggling the key before it started. We had this happen once more before Brian and I finally decided that this was not a good thing and that we should take it straight to his brother's mechanic before we got stranded somewhere. We got almost all the way home before we decided to stop at Start Mart to get an estimate on a new ignition beause we really didn't want to have to go all the way to Butch's house. Plus we had taken our cars to Start Mart in the past for new alternators and we were very happy with the service and price. Anyway I told the mechanic what was wrong with the car and he came out and turned the car off. Of course we couldn't get it started again (after trying for about an hour). By that time they were closed and the mechanic went home. I tried to have AAA tow it but they said they couldn't tow it until they spoke with the Start Mart owner to verify that we didn't owe them money and that they couldn't fix it. That mechanic better not even try to say that he can fix this or I will kick him in the nuts. Thank goodness we were less than a half mile away from home but it was cold, dark and raining so it was a miserable 1/2 mile. Poor Brian had already over done it for the day and hadn't had his pain meds in a long time so the walk was torture for him.

The bitch of this story is that Ford knows that their ignitions are faulty. Hell, their mechanic admitted it to me. They aren't doing a recall on them though since it isn't a safety concern. Bastards.
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Molly still has her rash. We've cut out most dairy and soy so I don't think they are the culprits. (and boy do I wish I could feed her dairy again, making food for her is getting difficult.) I rub her down with the Euclin lotion all day long and still she itches. Poor baby. I have another appointment with her doctor for Friday but I'm thinking of canceling that appointment and taking her directly to a dermatologist.

I wonder if she is allergic to the cats. I'm allergic to them but I do ok as long as I keep them out of the bedroom. I'm actually having a pretty bad reaction to them tonight - my left eye is all swollen and tearing and I can't stop sneezing :/
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Molly has had a rash for 3 weeks that I have not been able to get rid of. I took her to the doctor yesterday and she thinks that Molly just has really sensative skin. That isn't a complete shock to me since I tend to get itchy if I use lotions with fragrance and dye, or if I shower too frequently. The doctor has suggested using Eucerene lotion on Molly and to bathe her less frequently (only about twice a week). Also, she has a bacterial diaper rash and the doctor put her on antibiotics. This is the first time she's been on antibiotics.
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I walked in the living room to find Molly sitting on the couch. When did she get so big???
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I can't believe she is 13 months old! This has been a busy month for her, she is learning new things like crazy. Ok let's see: )
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I've been playing a game with Molly the last couple days where I smell her foot and then make a face and say "peeeeyewwwww stinky foot!" and I make a face and hold my nose. She just picked up Brian's shoe and I said "Molly that shoe goes on your foot", she brought the shoe to her nose, sniffed it and made a face!

Funny girl!

Also, the first animal she has learned to imitate is a monkey, much to my amusement.
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I can't believe how much I love her :)
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"Hey!" When one of us (or the cats) walks in the room.

And she actually calls Brian "Dayeeeeeeee". It is super cute :)


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