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My New Year's Resolution is to get the lap band. So far, so good. I called the insurance company today and found out that I have to have all the expensive tests first as part of the pre-auth process. I thought that might be the case. Brian has a sleep study scheduled for next week and tomorrow I will call and get us scheduled for the mental and nutritional evaluations. After that comes blood work and x-rays and then our final meeting with the surgeon. At that point we can submit the pre-auth to the insurance company and pray for approval. I really don't think they will deny us. I've heard good things about IBX, including one person saying they got approved in 3 days. Let's hope that is the case for us too.

Other goals I have for next year include:

Move out of this apartment into a house. It doesn't even have to be our house, I would be happy with a rented house for now.

Sell all the stuff in our media room closet and the storage area attached to our apartment.

Finding a way for Brian to quit his job - either for a new one or to let him be the stay at home parent for awhile. I guess that would mean that I would have to get a job.

Pay off the (*&(*^& car.


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