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We are home. Brian is doing well, he is in a little bit of pain but nothing major. Only having 2 hours of fitful sleep is catching up to me.
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Woohoo! There is a computer with internet access here in the cafeteria :) Thank goodness I'll have something to keep me busy while Brian is in the O.R.

So we got here at about 6:30 AM and got Brian admitted. We were shown to his room where we got to play a quick game of Magic. I won the first game due to Brian being mana flooded and we were setting up to play a second hand when all of the fun began. The nurse (Jim) came to start an IV in Brian and that turned out to be an ordeal. I think it took about an hour to get that done and after all of that Brian just wanted to hang out and watch TV. They came to get him around 9:30 or so to take him to the O.R. I just ran into the surgeons in the elevator and I've made them promise to take good care of him. They said the surgery should start any time now. He should be out around noon.

Brian seems to be in a pretty good mood. I think what he is most nervous about is weather or not he'll be able to hold Molly. He just loves her so much and the thought of not being able to cuddle with her is making him sad.

More updates to come!
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Brian's surgery is tomorrow. We have to be at the hosptial at 7 AM (AKA the middle of the night). Brian doesn't even get home from work till 2:30 so he isn't even going to bother trying to sleep. Instead he'll wake me up at 5 and we'll head off to the hospital and play Magic in the cafeteria until check in time.

I'm excited to see this all coming together, but I'm nervous for Brian. I was nervous when he had his wisdom teeth out...I'm a bit of a worry-wart. But I know he is going to do great. He is strong, he is healthy and he has the best incentive in the world to get better:
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